Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Look at our most frequently asked questions here! If you leave this page still wondering about any details, do not hesitate to email or message us! We will get back to you that same day

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

Not generally. We are shipping bigger items and it does prove to be a hassle and very expensive. We ship anywhere in Canada and the US

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We have a very fast reply rate on our Facebook page and email

Will my sculpture rust outside?

Your sculpture will never rust if made with stainless steel. If made with mild steel (regular), it will gather surface rust unless we add a finish of clear coat or paint. This will help hold off any environmental elements. Rust is not always as bad as you think - it won't eat through the steel. Surface rust can almost simply be wiped off and will not ruin your sculpture, it will still last many years. Some people actually like this look! Check out this picture of Nitro with surface rust!

How do you make that? What steps did you take? What technique do you use?

We may not answer everything but please check out our Blog and Youtube for many tips an tricks to make your own metal art!